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 Hunter x Hunter RP sign ups.

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PostSubject: Hunter x Hunter RP sign ups.   Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:45 pm

Huntah Huntah! Yoshihiro Togashi's second hit Shonen Series in a row. This post will break down the initial setting, where your characters will start off, and some other stuff.


This RP will start in Kakin. Kakin is a global superpower, and in recent years it has undergone considerable economic growth. It is currently ruled by Nasubi Hui Guo Rou, who is apart of the Kakin royal family.

Your character is a criminal. Their crime can be serious, like murder, torture. Or they can be framed, a good comparison for this idea Jolyne Kujo from JoJo Bizarre Adventure Part 6, Stone Ocean. It matters not what you have done, you have found yourself in Green Dolphin Street Prison.

Green Dolphin Street Prison is a unisex prison, it masquerades under the pretence of equality and freedom, prisoners are allowed to roam it's halls, and are allowed freedoms. However, this is a cover, because Green Dolphin Street Prison uses it's prisoners as free labour.


It is handy if you follow this outline.






For now there won't be any Nen, following Hunter x Hunter tradition you'll have to find and work for it.

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Hunter x Hunter RP sign ups.
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