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 Speculation on the Broly film's story?

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Gog Trump

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Speculation on the Broly film's story? Empty
PostSubject: Speculation on the Broly film's story?   Speculation on the Broly film's story? Icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2018 4:11 am

Basically, how do you think the movie will go down?
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Turnabout Terror

Turnabout Terror

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Speculation on the Broly film's story? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Speculation on the Broly film's story?   Speculation on the Broly film's story? Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2018 10:55 am

Frieza encounters Paragus and they make a deal; Frieza can extract his revenge on Goku for humiliating him and Paragus on Vegeta for the sins of his father. Their weapon is Broly.

They arrive on Earth, Goku and Vegeta arrive on where they land and they get into a fight with Broly. At first, they seem to be able to handle him well, but he gets enraged and breaks free from Paragus' and Frieza's control over him. Now seeing him as a threat, Frieza joins Goku's and Vegeta's side but the three of them are beaten to a pulp by him. This is where I guess they would compare him to Jiren; like how Hatchiyack was compared to Broly.

When all hope is lost, Goku manages to tap into the mastered form of Ultra instinct once more and manages to take the advantage against Broly. Goku manages to severely hurt him, but before he can  deal the finishing blow, MUI disappears again and Broly smacks him. Before Goku loses consciousness, he gives some of his energy to Vegeta, as a payback for what he did in the ToP(When Vegeta was falling out of the arena, he gave some of his ki to Goku).

Vegeta, manages to turn once more into the form he accessed in the ToP, thanks to some of Goku's ki. And due to Broly getting weakened from the beatdown he received from MUI Goku, the two are almost on an equal footing, but Broly is getting the upper hand the longer the fight drags. Meanwhile, Frieza manages to reach out to Goku, and gives some of his energy to him, so that if Broly is beaten, he could go off "scot-free" since he did help them. Goku wakes up, and see Vegeta losing against Broly. Since he isn't experienced with Ultra Instinct yet, it's too risky to turn into it again. He starts thinking and thinking...then finds a way to beat Broly: Fusion! But since they don't have the earrings, they will have to do the fusion dance.

Goku orders Frieza to stall Broly, even for a minute, to which Frieza begrudgingly accepts. He calls out Vegeta, who manages to break free from his fight with Broly and go towards Goku. Of course, Broly isn't going to let him go away, so he follows him but he is stopped by Frieza who surprise kicks him into the mountains. Broly gets up and starts fighting with Frieza, and even though Frieza is weaker, he manages to hold out for a little bit due to Broly getting tired from the non stop fighting.

Goku urges Vegeta to do the fusion dance, the saiyan prince is at first embarrassed and refuses to do it but Goku reminds him that he has to do it for Bulma's and Trunks' sake, and especially his newborn kid Bulla's! She wouldn't have a future, let alone a bright one, if Broly still runs rampant!

Vegeta accepts to do it, even ordering Goku to quickly get it over with. Broly knocks Frieza unconscious, but he is too late; for the ultimate fusion warrior, Gogeta, appears(becomes canon) for the first time!

"I am neither Goku nor Vegeta, I am Gogeta Blue! It's over Broly, I've come for you!" With Goku and Vegeta learning that fusion's time will be reduced if they use too much power, thanks to their fight against Zamasu(while they were Vegito), Gogeta swiftly defeats Broly who doesn't put up much of a resistance.(Think of Gogeta vs Janemba but with SSJB Gogeta and Broly). Broly lays down, defeated,  curses Gogeta and loses unconsciousness.

Also, I forgot Paragus. Either he's going to get killed during the fight, or by Frieza, or he manages to survive and brings Broly with him(who definitely is going to stay alive; too big of a cashcow.) Goku and Vegeta, yet again, let Frieza go away because he did help them.

The credits rolls and end song is played..However, a short scene plays after:

It has been a couple of days since the fight against Broly: Goku and Vegeta are sparring. Vegeta finds himself in a tough position, He isn't able to dodge Goku's hit..But suddenly, he gracefully avoids Goku's punch and at the same time, hits him with a gutpunch which leaves Goku stunned for a bit. As Goku looks up to Vegeta, he notices something strange; Vegeta's eyes are silver, and he is staring down sternly at Goku who is flabbergasted. The screen cuts abruptly, saying "To be continued."

Basically, this would be my wetdream if it happened.
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Speculation on the Broly film's story?
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