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 Dragon Ball RP Thread (Universe 6 arc - Universe Survival arc)

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Dragon Ball RP Thread (Universe 6 arc - Universe Survival arc) - Page 67 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dragon Ball RP Thread (Universe 6 arc - Universe Survival arc)   Dragon Ball RP Thread (Universe 6 arc - Universe Survival arc) - Page 67 Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2019 8:59 pm

All of the universes made it to the Tournament of Power location. Some universes had 10 fighters like planned, however some fell short of that number. Zephiel was immediately greatly disturbed by this.

"What is this?" Zephiel said. "I knew some of you would disappoint me . . . but this, this is unbelievable. I have no regrets of erasing you from existence. Some of you don't have 10 fighters, but still make up for it with powerful enough fighters. I applaud you. But many of you universes . . . You disgust me beyond belief." Zephiel then raised his hand and clenched it, erasing Universes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10.

"H-He erased them all!" Yamcha exclaimed.

"This is it," Calah said. "Everyone's lives are on stake here."

"The rest of you fighters should be honored," Zephiel began. "You seven universes have deemed worthy enough to fight in this tournament. However, only one team will survive. At the end of this tournament, I shall erase all universes who lost and no sooner."

"So people aren't erased after they lose?" Marisa asked.

"Great," Jon said. "We have to deal with the anxiety leading up to our demise."

"At least we get to live a little longer, I guess," Zez said.

"As you all well know, if you get knocked out of the arena you lose. There is also another instance where you lose and that's if you are killed. Yes, Zen'oh wouldn't allow killing. But I do."

"Looks like you were wrong, Lord Anubsinth," Stefan said. "Not that it changes anything."

"Now, the team with the most fighters left at the end wins. You have three hours to fight . . . begin!!!"

And so, the universe survival tournament had begun . . .


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Dragon Ball RP Thread (Universe 6 arc - Universe Survival arc)
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