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 Falconian Adventures sign up

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PostSubject: Falconian Adventures sign up    Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:55 pm

The theme will be medieval era style combat with magic and other spiritual elements implemented as well. Post your bios below. Classes can be whatever you choose but, keep in mind the idea is to start low and build our way up.

IE if you wanted to be a warrior, you’ll start with rookie gear and no magic but, can have potential to learn while also gaining better items, something like that.

I will post the main topic and my bio once everyone has signed up
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Turnabout Terror

Turnabout Terror

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PostSubject: Re: Falconian Adventures sign up    Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:09 pm

Name: Carla

Age: 23

Height: 5'7/170 cm

Class: Priestess

Appearance: Wears japanese shrine maiden clothes, with quite short skirts: Something like this

She has long, blonde hair reaching to her tail bone. She is also quite curvy, busty and in general Thicc :derpdio:

Abilities: Can use some blinding attacks and can somewhat increase the rate of healing in people, as her powers are still undeveloped


Carla comes from a long line of shrine maidens whom fate in life is to go on an adventure, meet the love of their life so that they can continue their bloodline. Though they aren't fit for combat roles; some have been exceptions to this rule and been a great asset in fights for their teams. However, they shine in using Light and healing magic, making them more suited for support roles.

A bit over one year ago, Carla decided that she would quit her rural village and finally go venture into the outside world for her 22th birthday. "I will prove all of them wrong!" Was the last words she said as she quit her hometown.
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Gog Trump

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PostSubject: Re: Falconian Adventures sign up    Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:34 pm

Name: Knap Pak Dolores

Age: 16

Look: His hair is white with black streaks. He achieves this look through a cheap blond dye. He wears a leather wide brimmed hat, it is reinforced with wood and steel. It can act like a shield if the time is needed. He wears a cheap looking gentleman's suit, it has 4 buttons and a bowtie, the suit is coloured pink, the buttons are a piss yellow, and the bowtie is black. He purchased it in a dollar a dime store.

Ability: He is physically strong, and wields a bat made of iron with a rubber handle.

Biography: Dolores father was apart of Falconia's aristocracy, and owned a large swathe of land. Because of his fathers power and influence, Dolores and his family lived a life full of prestige. However, his father was revealed to be apart of a scandal, he was executed for his crime, his lands were taken away from his family. Dolores, and his family were thrust into a life of poverty. His mother committed suicide in the slums later that year, unable to bear her new life. This left Dolores and his sisters alone to fend for themselves, however overtime his sisters disappeared one by one into the night, which left Dolores by himself.

Dolores turned to the street gangs, and he made no name for himself. Eventually tired of that life he decided to become an adventurer.
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PostSubject: Re: Falconian Adventures sign up    Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:33 pm

Name: Wolf

Age: 23(?)

Class: Berserker(don’t lie to me)/Magic User

Appearance: Taller than average with long hair pulled to the back and shaved on the sides. He has blue eyes, a beard, and a scar running down the right side of his face, starting from the eyebrow down to his chin. His teeth have become pointed over the years except for the few front ones. He wears a black sleeveless shirt, black pants, and boots with a few straps across his torso and waist consisting of bags.

Backstory: Wolf’s life begins deep within the forest outskirts of Falconia. No one really knows where he came from, not even him. What he does remember though is awaking one day and hearing voices all around him in his small forest shelter. He looked out to see two wolves standing outside it, their eyes fixed on him and ready to attack. Wolf, not realizing his danger and being confused with hearing voices, dumbly asked, “were you two just talking?” The wolves have him a very confused look, as if they knew what he just said. From that moment on, Wolf developed a relationship with those two wolves, who then took him back to their pack, where he was raised to be the man he is now.

Abilities: Wolf was able to develop some sword fighting technique by training in the woods. Most of his time went towards physical training and swinging large branches/small trees around, using other trees as a practice dummy. His only known magical ability is communicating with animals. He cannot control them but, can at least try to talk to them.
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PostSubject: Re: Falconian Adventures sign up    Thu Nov 01, 2018 3:25 am

Name: Lance
Nickname: Tiny was a nickname he gained back at the brothel but it has nothing to do with his height :dongovan:

Age: 25

Height: 6'5

Class: Archer/Hunter


Essentially like this, just minus the eye-patch and the elf ears :derpdio:

Abilities: He's proficient in archery, tracking, traps and acts of pleasure. He's fairly useless when it comes to melee combat but he does have a dagger that he can just barely use decently. He doesn't have any out of the ordinary abilities yet.

Story: When Lance was a youngling he was trained in the basics of hunting by his father who was an expert hunter. He lived in a average sized village that was under the influence of a group of slavers however they never bothered Lance's family much which consisted of him, his father, his mother and a younger brother.

One day his father went out on a hunting trip never to return, without a source of income his mother was forced to loan money from the aforementioned slavers, after some time the slavers came for their money, which of course the family didn't have, they instead claimed Lance as their payment.

Eventually the slavers sold him to a brothel that catered to many different tastes. He was treated well by everyone else that worked there and by the owner of the brothel so aside from a few overly rough customers now and then he had decent childhood, well decent for his situation anyway. He kept up with hunting practice whenever he got the chance.

The years went by pretty quickly and Lance had begun to think of everyone else at the brothel as his new family but just like his first family his new one was taken from him as well when a group of Religious Fanatics came and destroyed the brothel, murdered the owner and a few of the other workers. The few survived all went their separate ways, going back to where they came from and what not. Lance returned to his village as well but discovered that his mother and younger brother were nowhere to be seen and no one would tell him what happened to them.  

He had saved up plenty of silver coins(:dongovan:) over his years at the brothel but he still did a bit of mercenary work here and there as well as making the amazing tactical decision to sleep with rich old guys for money. Lance has been traveling around for about 4 years now, never staying in one place too long.
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PostSubject: Re: Falconian Adventures sign up    Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:58 pm

Name: Midorito

Race: Human

Class: Swordsman

Age: 20

Height: 5'10''

Appearance: Normal stature with well defined muscles. Average length curly brown hair and blue eyes. Currently he wears brownish-red leather armor--basic starting gear for a swordsman adventurer such as himself.

Abilities: Currently Midorito relies solely on his own physical ability, without any kind of magic. He's mostly balanced between strength and defense, but his greatest assets are his speed and agility. He can move and fight quickly, his skill with the blade is quite exceptional for being a low rank. Unfortunately he lacks room for magic and its doubtful he'll ever attain any with the exception of possible enchanted weapons.

Biography: Midorito is kind and cheerful person with a certain charisma about him. Many people who meet him quite enjoy his company and have always looked up to him. While he doesn't necessarily like being a leader, he often makes the decisions that count and people often look to him when things turn sour. Nonetheless, it's rare for him to take credit and usually gives praise to others over himself. He is far too modest sometimes and is very honest. His past has still yet to be revealed.
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PostSubject: Re: Falconian Adventures sign up    

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Falconian Adventures sign up
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