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 Forum Rules (Read before posting)

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Forum Rules (Read before posting) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules (Read before posting)   Forum Rules (Read before posting) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 15, 2018 4:40 pm

1. Be kind and respectful to all members.
2. All posts must be English, if you post a scan of some sort that isn't then please provide a translation.
3. Don't ask for a staff position or you'll never get it.
4. No necroposting unless it's in spam. If it hasn't been posted in for six months, make a new topic.
5. Keep the spamming focused in Falconia and Forum Games.
6. No type of pornography, nudity, or sexual material of any kind is allowed.
7. Profanity is allowed, but not in an excessive or disrespectful way.
8. Signature size must not be wider than 500pixels as anything larger will stretch the page.
9. Any kind of hacking or cheats for video games isn't allowed.
10. Do not post links to illegal websites.
11. Advertising another forum is forbidden unless it is kept to the signature.
12. No copyrighting is allowed.
13. Do not give out any personal information unless you understand the risks.
14. Don't abuse the reputation system.

Any of these rules are broken will result in a warn. The warning is dependent of course on which rule and how many times or rules are broken. If you have any questions please PM a staff member.

More rules may be added later.

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Forum Rules (Read before posting)
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